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One shows children in graduation caps holding hands and smiling.

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Penquin ER: I'm brazilian and I hate soccer! Also I not want kiss a girl after 5 min, this is crazy.

It's Jokes: Ukranian and polish girls please!

Tripods66: My only requirements I look for in a guy: hot and nice. That's it.

Stav Bar: That japanese song was pretty :3

Miss19lolo: Ahahahaha first scenes are so funny

Aerosai: No shit Sherlock.

Sallyicious: Wow I love the sound of Russian!

Bts Army: My life with a Slovak wife encapsulated quite accurately!

Pepita Aarts: But yh pretty accurate.

Adrenalynn22: I seen this vid a long time ago, I didn't know you still make vids.

Vanda Li: When you're not Russian, but people mistake you for one and you have the same ideals. Not complaining, Russian girls are beautiful but im Mexican haha even if Im pale af, tall and have green eyes

Ulco Schrijer: For me this video is rubbish. This doesn't mean that every italian is that kind of man.

LaHyuuga: Points for hilarity and stereotyping, though

Kitty Seven: I got all of them right. My favorite language is Russian because I am Russian and from Russia.

Bing Bong: Im Dutch as can be.and this is fun watch but trust me.but couldnt be further from the truth

Marietta9288: Do one about dating a Albanian woman

Rob Khen: In which world Brazil is 50 African? you mean, 50 are non-whites right? because i am one of 50 non whites and i don't think i am a black person, well, i see a brown tanned people in the mirror just like the girl that represented Brazil in this video.

Lloyd Evans: I feel like I agree most with Terrence, haha

Java Junkie: My partner is Vietnamese so there are some similarities here. Not that you would ever mention that! Jealousy is a massive component. My girl has been through my entire phone AND laptop. When I found out, I went off the deep end at her. She apologised but she just can't leave my phone alone.

Smiuley: I love how he just sits there petting her head lol



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  1. If students in high school were taught what rape is and why it is wrong, less people would do it.

  2. So.that's what slut-shaming is: an attempt to use social pressure to control the behavior of others. If you don't LIKE THAT, then BE CONSISTENT.

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