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Esther Heidel: As an Australian, I can safely say the Australian accent was not Australian. It was British.

IVirtualPlays: The only thing you can get from this video is that italians guys have no idea how to speak english.

Axel DeAgne: I love the Russian accent

Scarx2gt: I'd like a video on You know you're dating a Persian woman when.

Aatmikaa Pal: I'll never forget Bairro Alto because of how beautiful and lively (almost to a fault it was, but also because of that one night when some local bar owner sold me 0,75L of local beer for 1,50 Euros. Made me tear up.

Soraaya 973: In Russia there are no women, only men without penises.

Sum Gal: I am sure russian women know hockey better than most americans.

Ave Marie: Columbian and Dominican Republic

Reimon 27: I am brazilian and I know latinos usually are so close of family.

Danny Mwangi: Haha awesome. Thanks again Marina and team. Very cool.

Best Gameplay: The most beautiful Mexican women are in Northern Mexico

Margotpetrie: Stupid, pointless, click-bait video.

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Naughty Guys No Condom Frigging

Hand Job Guide 4. A Safe Rubber Trio. I Have No Sex Drive. Secondly, condoms reduce the risk of passing sexually transmitted infections to or from your partner. Not Your Typical Bachelorette Party.

Learn how to properly use a condom and reduce the risk of becoming pregnant. Tasty Condom Jb Bgxx.

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Abdul Aziz: And if she is that drunk then I would suggest that you call it a night because its not worth it.

LunaCloud333: You're playing CS:GO.

Atikah Hakita: It's hard to flee the potato when your granny's Irish.

K. R .J: Haha, I know so many Russian women and they just are like that ! :D

WHITE BOY1: The brazilian portuguese was so bad! I am portuguese and even I wasn't understanding

Mlk Mue: What the hell is going on in the background around 110 ? Lol.

Jeremy Lehman: Norsk 4 life \m/

Jaden Frye: I'm not a fan of army in general, but this girl is very sexy and her nose too.

Tiago Guinhos: She appears to be smarter than a dumb British girl but turns out to be even dumber than Susan Sarandon.

Brenda J.: Czech Republic :D

Nicolas Souza: Terrence had it right, he asked her out so he pays. If she asked him out she pays.

Anurag Singh: I also hate small talk.

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  1. Hmm. let's scrutinize this logic. People tend to befriend nice people. Attractive women tend to have more male friends. Therefore attractive women are nicer.

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