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Tabatha N.: ASIAN? I'm sorry but you canNOT generalise an entire continent.

Mars Bender: Really confusing video

Schnapp: If you're dating a Turkish aren't. Chances are you are dating a Greek, Kurdish or Albanian woman that speaks Turkish because real Turkish women come from the middle east and are not white.

Kochi Rumbi: This video is a troll,guys that hot prolly date supermodels

Svwtsvfcb: Typical d bag white guy that's scared

Chris Packer: Dating an austrian man?

Daniel Cotayo: The Yorkshire one isn't even from Yorkshire. If they are I'm offended.

RosemaryAnna: M loving these videos! can you do about Scottish women too,please!

Elisa Arus: Venezuela and Colombia's accents were nice, peeerrrooooooo I'm Dominican so I gotta support mi gente! PLATANO POWER!

Klok Pablo: Where is Slovakian language?

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Cypheryolk: I think its different for travelers you guys should count us as a country . travelers always share 50/50%

Lindsey: Hey, this is in toronto!

Gian Lemos: Thats some fifty shades of grey shit

CYber GeNik: not true ! dutch people pay for the drink!

Ted Cleveland: The french girl is definitely not french. Doesn't have a french accent at all and I would know I'm a native french speaker.

NepzGauRav: I need a german in my life, even if i'm italian

Alliiee_ Cat: I like theses videos but you all need to have more people of color.

Jilae Lennio: I was cringing through the whole video, smh

KarraNikito: This is sooooooooooo true lol

Stelios Kloth: Can you do a you know your dating a Mexican women when

Augustya Sing: What about Spanish? :(

Pea Bee: Go all in for Quebec peeps!

Gia Sativa: When will you be in Montreal again? My family MAY be interested in doing a you know you're dating a Dominican video

AnythingAtAll: But then I'd have to learn how to cook lol


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