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TinnedTommy: Akash has such a sexy accent

Oisdog Gaming: She just wants to know your qualifications income.

Junia Keim: The Estonian guy seemed American.

Isabella Gust: Wow this made me die laughing especially when he was like hi can I have your number I'm singleeeee

Vie Michel: None of their accents sounded sexy to me ):

Dylan Carey: Can you please make a video about Korean guys next time?

Jon Rend: Acting was so bad

Nara V.: The Title should be You Know You Are Dating a CARIOCA Man When.

Tammy Dwight: Im from Pakistan. and in our country good healthy and glowy skins matter alot.

Emma Major: They all got the Indian one because his accent is so obvious. Doubt they all would have gotten it if he wasn't talking the whole time.

Joel Mitchell: Dating an indian woman

Herianto Yap: Venezuela, colombia, and especially the dominican republic were my favs lol

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Paula Riffo: You have to try with Puerto Rico

Jiminblank: When mr. dominican republican asked are you ready and i was like: woah the ask question is are you wet cz dang

Joe Green: I like how nobody said English from USA.

Alek Sander: I have watched all your dating women videos. The only one I would date is a Columbiana.

Bapt308: Greek Greece it's not my favourite said a Turkish man. oh yeah of course we know that ;)

Daniel Ross: This is in the wrong playlist just to let you know.

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