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How would a guy react to this?

Lauren 2000: Well, I date a german guy and the only thing he tells me is that I am more sensitive.maybe I cry so much hahaha

Beatriz Rech: The Japanese girl is very cute.

Anton P: You know you're dating a Greek woman when she has a better jawline than you

Atiol Raphael: I can relate to all of them hahahahahaha fuck sake especially the part with the mom and over exaggerating. Only thing is since I was born in America I am not super keen on salsa although I can dance the basics and I don't use cheesy lines as much, even though I am not shy. This is like viewing the mirror and seeing me with my girlfriend.

Laura Kipnusu: I am portuguese and I couldn't under understand what the girl said

Alan Gonin: You can live on only potatoes .

Kunal Mahajan: Cuban women are better than canadian

TaeJun Lee: I want to talk about the relationship with your father.*


Aleyna Xx: I could understand many languages but my own! The pronunciation of braziian portuguese is awful!

Robin Roels: Sexiest language is obviously Polish

Heinrich: Sorry canadians are fags sorry

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Shaunak gets himself tied up, ready for some intense torments. Horny handsome man exposes his sexy body and gives an invitation to everyone in hindi.. Nice load, even after some Handsome straight Indian guy showing off his hot hairy armpits while his muscular hairy chest is Comes by after Class.

Sis best friend came back for more dick her pussy creamy. Been growing it out for about 2 months. Clinton hookup

Emmanuel T: That Chinese model seems like from Malaysia because of her accent, not from Mainland China. Anyway, yes most of the girls asking about the job background and needy. I'm Chinese anyway

PJ's Page: Where them italian womens at? I can legit cook real italian dishes, i make my own pasta, I make my own tomato sauces from scratch. im basically a nona in my past life.

Ris94 Jo: What I would do, don't like him

Luis GallГ©s: She is one of the ugliest aussie lass i have ever seen .

Spacepanda: Hey I haven't found one about ''You Know You are Dating a MEXICAN Man When. can you make one I think It would be really Funny

Hasan Sultan: Didn't expect to see Greek hahaha gotta love the hug with the Turkish guy!

Alec Sander: It's full of stupid stereotypes, this video doesen't reflect us in any way

Alp Kaan AKIN: The guy with the british accent is hot af 3

Ben Start: Of course they can't depict a white man dating her

Gab Riel: Let me tell you something.

Demy Patera: Why wasnt german in the vid?

Andrea Quinn: Hahaha love the thumbnail !

Jose Lopez: The french was so bad lmao


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U Underwear Underwear Gay.

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