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Aaron Hartje: Wtf this polish akcnet xddd

Vivian Lu: What a cute nose

David Green: Yes its all true. I have dated many Brazilian men.experienced all of this (and more!)

Liz Bolotin: Contre les portes de la nuit

Morgan Young: Emotions and heart are changed. you can love today and hate tomoroow

Fabiola: Jamaican men are like the sprinter Bolt, they only wanna get the leg over !

John Cuppje: Wow, songs are much harder to guess than usual spoken language ! So tricky with no tone to help ^^

Lilly Pad: German is sexy **

LaVeyanist: I'm from Portugal, and I have to say I love Brazil and love the Brazilian accent, especially the carioca accent.

Nathan Norman: French guy is really handsome :D

Vin Qua: He didnt bring the salt lol

Ter Sam: Arabs get the fuck out of germany! No race mixing!

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Buff Bi Hunk Shoots Cum

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Anamarya107: Hani and Lucy would be my favorite from the entire video!

ILOVEMFEO: A french girl

Mathilde Rm: Irish men! that would be great

XCrazyTracy: What a dingbat broad

RugbyLock0914: The guy with the afro was a pick up artist for sure. pua get a bad name for no reason they just approach alot of women play the numbers game. they actually actively trying to meet women.

Alyssa Ocampo: I always offer to pay in the first date, and I really value if her offer to split. Sometimes I accept to split, sometimes I prefer to pay the first date. But if she doesn't offer, I probably don't date her again.

King Of Flirt: Should of got a Geordie

Knowitall7891: So russian women are materialistic high maintenance air headed bimbos.i could have told u that

Moody GhannaM: Colombia was the best

Haitianxu: Her : hit me with the hardest right away

Dschonsie: Top of the morning oops wrong video sorry.

TheHerothief: These all sounds like LA fuckboys to me lmaoo

Mara Daykin: Peruvian Woman/Man

Lee Cha: Seriously your channel helps understanding foreign people better. the last part of this video was too too much hahaha too adult material anyway

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