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Let me pull myself together for a second. Ok, seriously, I am going to start this in a second. But I just...

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James Humbert: She'll never let you starve SO.DAMN.TRUE

Paras Ftl: Sarma are delicious !

Megabut: Quebecoiuis french sounds more lazy and chill

Jason Hayes: I feel like brazilian portuguese are sexier but european portuguese are much more romantic

Munir Shah: Fattevi due risate, daje!

Jolly Jokress: You know you're dating a Israeli woman when she steals your money and starts wars for the money

Chimp Pimp: Very interesting perspective, I had a Spanish boyfriend a long time ago, and he broke my heart. It makes sense. Your videos are awesome and lots of fun

DJ Scarecrow: So when did you mention micro penis? Better to bring it up early, rather than leave it for a surprise when emotionally committed. Oh and they are really racist, in a fun way. Han are Manchu slaves anyway so the islands are ours.

CHANDNI TOMAR: That's not a real player!

Ilmar Macedo: Research suggests that women tend to prefer good-looking guys for a one-night fling, while they prefer sweet, caring less good-looking guys for a long term relationship. This is exaggerated if the women are in their ovulating phase. Mainly because they know that other women will be hitting on their good-looking dude in a relationship. Being rich is another story. Being handsome, fun and humble are compounded traits women want.

Tayna Weher: Not all the viewers of this video will be dating any russian woman

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Rahul Dsouza: Wtf is dis ahahahahah


Carla Escobar: Gosh. IM BRAZILIAN. He is not Brazilian. He is a psychopath. hahahhaahh

DJ AMAC: It's futebol not futbol.

Chris Leonard: Good stuff! Agreed with all of it

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Vander Kooy: Slavic and Latinas are the best.

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KFC Longer: Can you please explain to me why the woman in these videos are always white? : its as though these videos were targeted at whites only.

Tiago Matos: He is full of fun. great interviewer :)

AnDrEj Zzz: Worst girl speaking french ever. Real french girls sound so much more sexy when they talk lol

Big Lifestyle: Fortunetly I'm neither of these. You did forget the gym rats. Not one of those either, but, it'd be fun to watch

Is there anything more sexy than a girl who loves working out?

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  1. Wait a minute shouldn't feminism be called sexualism since it is dealing with the equality of both genders?

  2. I truly love your work. You're an intelligent, caring and beautiful woman : this video made my day a bit brighter, so thank you Lacii!

  3. Big women are hot and beautiful and if you don't agree with that than you don't have my respect.

  4. I don't, as i've said in other comments, i'm not that forward and girls generally don't seem interested in me.

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