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Elisa Arus: Dominican accent is funny.

Cel Marzan: They are the same as American women.I see no difference

Lua VitГіria: Midlands never gets love I swear aha.wait, this explains a lot

Noah Trojan: He's too blonde JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA YESSS

Thegooseman90: I was waiting for this one for a while haha great video as always :)

Shantife: Do Bosnian or Serbian or Croatian pls

Monika_ Ddlc: Steals your house and kills your children

Jip Huiswerk: Perfect timing, just landed in Sweden for 3 months

Hussam Baj: I'm American, I'm exactly the same way.

GAME_ROCKS: I'd pick the Portuguese from Portugal. It is more sophisticated, more elegant, and more polite. The 1st portuguese girl is beautiful. She represents the portuguese beauty.

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Chez Larry: Please do dating an Italian man, Mexican man, or a man from New Zealand (kiwi)!

Nobi Dolo: Did she say Ja? ?

Erica Silva: Another excellent video, Marina! Your ability to exaggerate for the sake of comedy hits that sweet spot between unambiguous and subtle; not too much, and not to little. :)

Rita Raposo: The part where she comes to you is bullshit. She would never come. But she would give hell to anyone who came near her. Israeli girls are the hardest to achieve.

TubeTheWorld: Why does the French girl sound. not French? Wtf

Mariam Arjoun: Plz tell me where does that Keith come from in the uk. i wonder who talks like that . cheers m8

BWANEMAET: Just because you have one person from a country doesn't it has to mean that their opinion is for their whole country.

Pizzalover: As a Canadian girl, the only thing I can confirm is that we apologize for everything(both men and women).

Blaze Music: This couple was pretty hot

M.L. Burwell: Castes and society, two of the things i couldn't care less. If an indian woman would date me, she should give up those traditions first.

Master D.D.: We don't say wanker that much in the North anymore.

Khedira: Louisiana? Never had a date there (yet.)

A best-selling artist is a person who is qualified to recoil an suggestive coterie of eyes.

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