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Oksana Nickl: They know they're on camera so they feel less likely to be stuck up.

Papercut: Can you do a video about Portuguese men women? :)

MRGold189: True, we don't like the English style of women. But in the vid she wasnt wearing a lot of make up. And the touching is not true, maybe less than other cultures but def not true. What a gorgeous female btw

Obhutara: A lot of people say Venezuela but I'm between Spain and Mexico as the sexiest on this video. I'm from Ecuador.

Maelann .G: Eric is soo handsome omg look at his eyes

Gawie Van Wyk: I like the karaoke part wahhh

Shelii Fish: Questo video mi rappresenta alla perfezione soprattutto il vaffanculo stronzo di merda ahahahahahah

Yael Segal: What is Alexandra's aftername

MinciNashu: I've never known I'm refusing like japanese girls lmao

T Allen: I am Czech and I would say that usually the guy would pay. I would offer to split, but it's more usual that the guy pays, at least in the beginning and if he invites. In a long-term relationships, the two might take turns to pay or something, depending on them :)

Alex Rango: I. am. in. love. with the girl from Nigeria. She's so fucking beautiful

Weebettyb: Why the fuck are y'all playing punjabi music with the iraninan guy's part

COMMIE SPY: Brazilian Portuguese is way sexyer and smoother

Hanna Shirazi: I'm from Louisiana, and people are really approachable there compared to other states I've live in like California and Utah. But then again, the fact that we have a lot of French influence and heritage may have something to do with it.

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Where The Bears Are - Season 4: Episode 2 SWIM WEAR BEARS - Screw Dating

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You could plus author your own deformity cheeseburgers with fries on the side.

Natalka: large genitals to match large skeletal frame

Shubam Roy: I agree, the western world is too politically correct.

Annamei Chan: Russian guys would all pick the thinner girl. They like their girls skinny.

Icarus Bride: So it's a bit like dating a Rottweiler. If you show weakness it will bite your nuts off, if you get it under control it will be a pussy cat with you.

Tom Kor: Spanish/Mexican and French is so easy to guess. They both(all have very distinct sounds. Spanish guy though 3 haha!

VividlyVivi: Dat one chick thicc

John Pruden: Everyone loves how.i talk in spanish colombian.

Eve Buston: Thanks for the info, I will definitely ask my Russian lady friend if she likes Bowls.

Olga MOV: Beautiful woman and good acting by both man and woman. She makes my heart beat faster however.

IndigoXYZ18: Pourquoi le bandage sur les yeux ?

Franco German: Why is this amazing video so underrated? I think it was one of your best videos.

Huswsimonbla: Never been ask out on a date or dinner etc I'm 18 single and have never

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Should i leave her for good?

Bear Gay Tube

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  1. Whatever is keeping/retarding Americans Europeans from mating/marrying nowadays needs to change.

  2. Bahahaha. Tell me, how exactly is cutting part of someones genitals off different to cutting part of someones genitals off?

  3. Oh my god stop ranting feminists is just a stupid little way for women to get what they want it’s stupid

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