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Le Huy-Anh: That's totally me haha

Jakub Nowak: That's right, brazilians in general like to touch a lot, even in conversations with strangers we used to put a hand on the person's shoulders. It's not something so stranger in a culture that people use to talk with hands by gestures. And if they are dating it's totaly fine public display of affection, and to be honest who on earth doesn't like a bit of cuddle to know that you're important for someone?

Melody Beats: OMG! it was soooooooo d*mn accurate! the pointing using mouth, pampering, and the RICE! whoaahh u guys really did your research guys! im a filipino guy in the philippines and i date a filipina girl as well. Oh and the welcome and the Karaoke, whoaaah we guys are just like that, male or female :D

OhOhSheeiila: Wow u spent 3 months in Argentina and u think you are and experts. You go to boliches for a one night stand.

Paul Troxler: Bad connection. yeah literally between you and your mom lol

Cynthia Tan: I think if you make a video titled this you should get people who are fluent in the language before attempting to speak it

Anni Mareku: Thank you so much Marina! It's so amazing and helpful, I know now what to say to Brazilian Girls!

Niflheim: Is that guy a French Canuck?

GriecoS: Wait why was the Aussie girl putting on a British accent? Was she? I'm British and she sounded just like us

Californyaeh: The one who's in the black and white dress is amazingly gorgeous! would marry asap

Robin Hood: The french girl just couldn't speak french.

Sir Growalott: They seem nice at first, but don't get to used to their attitudes.

Very relaxed and lots of fun.

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