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Stop lining way to the right. Posted October 27, Yes it looks like he hits a pull. He also says Sam...

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Petruszenko: When the korean man came

Mara Baiza: I'm Polish and I swear I don't understand what the girl speaking in Polish is talking about.

Sparkzz323: I'm from Russia

Lore Belo: Hey Yuta, why you became suddenly so shy with Marina? ; Sure she's a cutie mate! Cheers!

Chris CGP: That white girl sounded bitchy

O. Ocavon: Now.i love to see how woman flirt

Robert Norris: I've never met a Russian girl before I really would like to meet someone !

Talzumon101: I'm still waiting on the Puerto Rican, Domincan, Cuban and Columbian Women.

Lebanon 97: Only once I paid for the date and dint see the girl again.

Jon Rend: You should do haitienne woman

Luz Pinto: I love italian porn!

Cassie Doe: Italian women: it's tough! :D :D As an Italian girl in a relationship with a German boy I must admit we're tough.

Helen Milan: Classic how they picked a white guy to be the significant other of an asian woman :P

ARLEM411: Anyway, I am Indonesian and I don't see any Indonesian involves here (in your video).

Hxxx Kxxx: If we Cubans are so bad, so false, always lying, then, I have a good news for you. go somewhere else and live us in peace. try to do that. highly appreciated.

Elle's Ghost: Engerish lmao me tho lol

Kdrum 36: Im at rethymnon , crete tommorow I leave I see here so many beatiful girls from tommorow I never see them again :(

Ester Santos: THIS is sooooo fucking trueeeeeee HAHAHAHAHA

Daliah B.: Isn't there more variety here? I would like to see Korean, Chinese,Australian, Arabic, Japanese and a few others men/women (even though there's already Japanese man).

Lalonemis: Good video keep it up!

Supertzar999: Dang, those questions are a bit darker than usual. O.o

HeyItzPika: We are mad! We kill pigs at christmas, and eat his sorici, that mean his skin!

Varvara Elena: Mas segue o baile kkkkkkkkk

Canyon James: I'll know if I would be dating a Russian woman cause I'll be surely dreaming. they're just the best girls in this world 3

Carlos Perez: The girl on the cover has terrible posture and it kinda grosses me out that's how bad it is

Inchi Lados: Ironically the only greek person I know is named Katopodis, not any poulos or akis.

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I am doing the same thing. Posted August 29, Sometimes he will ask me to check his alignment, but he didn't this time so I kept my mouth shut. The Golf Gods Suck. Yes it looks like he hits a pull. I need to get this kid 40 years old on the range with some alignment sticks. Trackman indicates the average 6i on the PGA Tour is 92 mph and yards carry, so you're losing distance somewhere. Santa Rosa singles

Good old fashioned boy trouble - what to do?

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Blokes: Have you got one?

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Posted August 11, Now that I am actually aiming more towards my target I am missing it quite a bit pulls to the left usually since my by mechanics and muscle memory "were" programmed to do so.

His problem is aiming right and coming OTT! At address I genuinely feel that I aimed properly, but the alignment stick on the ground on my target line does not lie.

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