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Quentin Gainz and Scott V. A Shower Of Ball Juice! Trouble at the Chateau part 4.

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Tony Broccoli: Can you do Dutch men?

Belthazormn1: Okay what the heck I'm Brasilian and that didn't sound anything like my language. Lol

TheRealFake: Girl from Jordan is sooo beautiful,

Brontome: Haha, thats great, I am actually a czech girl and on top of that I date dutch guy xD gonna ask him if he thinks that its true :D

Raisul Akash: Im canadian, Im sorry. 3

Jenny Morales: British men have no confidence lol.

Samy Osman: I am in a relationship and we are jealous of each other. Asian people are extremely jealous.

AJ Martirez: Can't watch that bitch!

Senhor_L: My name is Nadine too!

Sabri Jarrah: I love to see friendly people from all around the world share theirs experiences, lot of fun and warmth too. :)

Zubair Khan: Put any fat ugly man in the picture with him leaning against a lamborghini and all the women will say yes i like.

Karen Schramm: Asking if what's the sexiest soviet accent ever heat of rush B cyka?

Asma Farooqi: They;re so slow when they attract to girls, they will just secretly look at them (the girls)

MrZeus141: So i can compare my syrian boyfriend to it ;)

Is Friday and my friend know it.
Lustful hunks in a wicked gay threesome.
HUTSUNATOR: She butchered the french bit tho


Mikah Soul: Russia, the country where women are allowed to be feminine and men are allowed to be silent. Love Russian girls, beauuutyyy.

Barry Hemmy: First ever ugly sweden girl

Hiphu Wangsu: How to attract German women: Be from the third world

Jorge Sanchez: I would say Persian is by far the sexiest language. You definitely have to tell someone who can speak Persian to read a poem to you then you will be aware of its magic!

Steve Ortiz: I dont look mexican and dont act mexican but am mexican

Koen Visser: Vietnamese girl pleaseeeee

Jamil Rahman: I have a long distance boyfriend, he lives in New Delhi and we plan on meeting in person in a year. I wonder if it will be like this when we meet?

Decka Sis: Gross! wouldn't date one with a ten foot pole

Fanmeng Meng: It's hard to find a Filipino gf in Dubai,

Paradiizean: EDIT: Thought it was obvious cause I'm asking for Vlog ideas but NO YKYD please. Unless you want me to act all the parts ;)

Re-Initiating Contact Soon With Ex, How Do I Get Alone With Her?

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