Hot Guys Like Doggy Styling - Why do guys like doggy style so much?

Face-to-face positions are great for maximum contact and kissing, but you can see much less of your partner; doggy style positions the guy further from his partner so he can...

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BLONDE TONE HOLE COCK ONE Enter doggy style no pun intended.
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But then at my job I am in charge all day long so in the bedroom I like to be dominated and punished. And to me the view is better. Sign in Recover your password. I'm just saying, doggystyle is a standard part of most couples' sexual activity. Plus, he can grab onto your ass for dear life and that feels amazing. She says this really allows me to penetrate deep to rock bottom which is exciting for her.

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Hot Guys Like Doggy Styling

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  • 1. It's the least awkward position for him. Think about it: Lots of other positions lead to complicated questions...
  • Why do guys love doggy style? Why does the sun set every night...
  • I'm not going to lie; these answers were pretty hot. As any pillow The...
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