Bamm Beef - Bam-Bam Seasoning

A secret blend of spices with a sassy apple flavor that explodes in your mouth and works well on any type of meat! This...

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Excellent on just about everything, but it really is The Most Powerful Stuff…so use caution. Sweet, smoky, tangy and delicious with just the right amount of back end heat. In fact, it's so good, that meat is optional!

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If you find yourself needing to sweeten the pot to impress those judges, or maybe just show off your grilling talents to that special honey in your life, Kosmo's Killer Bee Rub has what exactly what you need. MANY proven winners in the competition circuit. Used by competition cooks and back yard BBQers. Cajun Rub Cajun flavor is bold and distinctive, yet it can be a milder blend than you'd expect.

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