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Turns out those 'female respondents only 'ads on Craigslist yield interesting results. Specifically in the "bobbing for Alabama crab apples" department. Do a shot of her crinkled...

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BrzoskuЕ›: New zealand woman please

Lexus Fox: Love your videos! Please do a video of how eastern european men are (specifically, Bulgarian if possible :D )

Confiados: Are there a majority of French women like this? That would be sad

Stratcolin: Kind of disappointed that there was one croatian and two serbs because those two languages have very few differences.would have been more interesting to see/hear slovenian, macedonian or slovakian.but nonetheless I liked the video

Jessalyn: I'm a Brazilian living in Germany.

NAKOGAMEZ: Stay away from city girls, cities attract the dregs of society.

Swedish Girl: Io abito in parma

Carlos Weber: Trying to impress an Italian girl with pizza? How dumb can you get dude.

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Ana Catarina: Do an African woman

Manny Ruiz: Turkish man are same, well for me it is.

Emanuel Paval: To me she seems to be from east germany, that's a huge thing you should mention.

Geronico11: The suit. Guys. Tailors exist

FISHURMOMBALL: Arabic men? All Russian girls I know call the shit skins. Get fucking real

Diane Nicdao: Was this in Lille?

Kylie Lem: What a boring

Marshmallow: I like the idea of the video, although the information is rather inaccurate. Take it from a dutch guy :)

Masum Hossain: Ad an American i always hear that we are loud.

Lucija Beljo: Let's say it's complicated

Klausssgroi: What's with the accent?

OfficiallyTay: Terrance is so funnyyy :))))

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Tight Anal Tumblr

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