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UniDraGuine: Get your own beer

Blue Cat: Barca at its best

Night Parrot: Isn't it sad that opening a door for a woman is now considered some unusual ethnical thing?

Numeric Bin: Do lebanese woman

Sarah Jeanne: They've clearly given you what you wanted, it's just not what you want to hear. Female logic some times I tell you lol

David Smith: DAMN french guy cute AF

Night Knight: I'm from macedonia

Ilias Pap: You guys absolutely got it right! kkkkkk That's a perfect description of myself when it comes to dating. Congrats!

Gönndalf MC: Dang. I need to be friends w an Aussie girl, they seem awesome!

KingKeeper99: So I am a Danish woman x)

Sofia Ar: The women are answering the wrong question! No one asked them how the girls look to THEM. Why do the women say I don't like her or I think she looks confident when its not about that.

King Nothing: God, she's awful.

Narmin Fathi: Shit im Israeli and its a pure true

DigGaruru: Wtf difficult to approach? im portuguese and I disagree

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Gözde B.: When I think of Mexican I think of promiscious things

Liseth Perez: It's hard to flee the potato when your granny's Irish.

Koogle56: Mwaa love to the ppl who made this vid.);)

Eli Fong: Gg for the accent! (y)

Azul Quesada: What was the first thing the guy in the purple shirt said?

Tyr Asen: Nao ganhamos a guerra memeal atoa.

Majd Saady: I'm from Sweden

Jsea321: You do not know de way

Elias Montoya: Not my sharpest opening line -

Arda Saray: Kkkkkk muito massa, lembrou eu uma vez quando fui sair com uns amigos estrangeiros

Nagz-youtube: Russian Woman or soviet whore . big difference !

Mosquito: The first food it is Arabic too

D. McAlister: The asian guy he was on a budget if he was then why would he take a girl out on a date makes no sense at all

Dust Blog: I think it doesn't matter who picks up the tab but the other person should definitely offer to pay because not offering is rude in my opinion

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  1. Because the contracts of the cervix and stuff helps to transport the sperm,

  2. Loving your videos : you remind of a socialist? As I studied it in my Healthcare course : do you have a degree?

  3. except that in your The Amazing Atheist Makes me Sick video, you show the fuck outta your tits.gee, Laci

  4. Meh. today I have a kickass job doing what I like and I don't think it's the same for those other popular girly girls.

  5. And I'd like to say I'm a male opposing female objectification and this video made my day.

  6. Laci.gotta say I appreciate seeing neutrality and objectivity in your videos now.

  7. Nice video beside the fact there are male and female В bisexual, transgender, gay and asexual people.

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