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Backstage, I immediately liked him for the same brains everyone does, onstage and off: All of the hem-hawing self-deprecation, the gruff-love and the weird beard, shifted slightly — twin a Transformer — as he deployed his smarts, his principles, his vulnerability.

He acknowledges late-night talk show hosts have a more frequent podium from which to address those increasingly timely issues, but he has a more direct explanation for his own acquiescence from the debate. They came to my show because they probably want to contemplate c get away from all that. I want to rent away from it.

Daffxter: So true! XD

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Ivory M: When she eats dogs

Jose Serrano: A Hamburg girl.

Gprimr1: She looks like Adele's face. Beaultiful.

Miclops: You know you are dating an Indian women when she is shipped halfway around the world to marry you.

BornInBosnia: Ma vaffanculo meaning go f**k youself

Jamil Lynch: That french was baddddddd

Viki Irawan: You know you are dating Brazilian if shes got some crazy ass

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