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Jan Formancek Outdoor Creamy Wanking Joana Passos: Dominican and Colombian sounds sexy af

Kawthar Rizki: Oy vey every Jewish girl needs a Black man!

Roger Quarton: All of the other ladies are fun and lovely , but this one XD can't stop laughing in every scene

Amanda CSL: Maybe I just got lucky and got one of the more affectionate or flirtatious/playfully men? Idk, maybe this video paints Dutch men with too broad of a brush?

L TELLEZ: The French are surrender monkeys

Rosa Lee: Also, German trains (sadly aren't all that punctual.it's a massive problem actually and a topic near and dear to our hearts. A real german would have noted the departure and arrival time as probable/planned departure and arrival time lifted his eyebrows citing them and gone into a rant about how terribly unpunctual the Deutsche Bahn has become.

Mely Gerges: I can't decide whether or not this is really racist or really sexist.I think both.

TtheLemonSong: What about dating Hungarian woman?

He changed "for me". Should I do the same for him?

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Demi Grozos: Hahaha this is really funny cos 80 percent of the guys are from Europe and others from America and Canada. i wonder if we have men in Asia, Australia, Africa.wait a moment you trying to deduce what men think about sex and dating from some 20 guys? this is just a slap on the face of research and statistics.

Mila Bajkova: The first guy looks like messi

Conor Murphy: English accents are still English, they're accents not languages on there own!

Sandra Nuccio: Sex before coffee ? Im going to denmark asap

IiMozzaii: Mexican isn't a language BTW!

Roann Houngue: Then my husband will be hungry Haha

Amanda Garner: Fucking fat american

Aguijon1982: I think I need a French man :D

Moises Cruz: Did they know each other from before? The interaction between some of them is too friendly Oo

Niderfyn: I am Greek and this the reason i am praying to someday go away and marry a sweet Japanese woman.

Sofie Larsen: Bitch from iraq was cute af

Mary Moreno: Verga!Pinche Canelo Alvarez now you're a youtuber?

Henrique Paz: I can think of any nationality that I might like now. Was this the point of these videos? Subbed to MGTOW channels instead.

Yeloowsmile: Brits are ugly cunts

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