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French Guys Fuck Jerk And Cum Outdoors
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Almond Book: That is the worst french i've ever fcking heard

DFDigital: Damn this guy's English is quite understandable some ppl speak very heavy cockney accent and you just understand nothing

Rinrini St: For me as Russian Native speaker, the Russian woman have no accent. Normally there is more accent

Nelson Arias: The Swedish girl was hella weird lol

Kedar R: She wants to ne seen equal oh I didn't know equality was a german thing I always thought it was normam

Blue Moon: When she constantly wants to borrow your sweater or jacket she's clearly messing with you

Rajat Verma: I really liked this video. Probably one of my favorites from you. The woman is stunning. Where is she from?

Evasong9: Italian one really cracked me up lol

Mely Gerges: You know you have to stop watching something when Czech flag pops up and you starting to think about something. Especially with those pretty girls.

Mr.Mister: I'm Japanese and I could not understand the language. Don't let the Chinese man speak a different language!

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Norbert Dziki: Any kpop trash?

Mocca Coffee: I was not able to read the subtitles for the Russian guy really well. :(

Mkellingtonmk: Seriously they couldnt find someone who actually speak correct french! it was soo wrong!

Luis Selby: Portugal accent for sure! Sounds more elegant

Anown Bugado: God,this is so true

Ben Start: What does exactly mean spanish machismo?

Aleksei Guzev: God, i love this country :D

Alex Swinden: The polish pronunciation was soooooo bad!

AnД‘ela Е: It's the same with German men, because everybody wanted that video

No Future: You know she's turkish when she goes shopping for TNT and other explosives

Why would he tell me?

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