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Opperbuil .NL: He is SO fine. Yum.

Thehaste13: You can't get arab or muslim girl in general cause they have dignity and honor if you want her , knock on her fathers door and ask her for marriage .not like european or american girl get fucked any where like a piece of trash truth revealed

Marcos Felipe: Get cash, wave in front of her face, get laid. Skip step one and two if u are very attractive. Thats how it works here in Russia

Vivi Kal: And family will take class of girl first than boy and boy class can be very danger that boy can be murder mysteriously or someone in market will beat him and break his all bones without any reason lol

Dawn Princess: When I imagine an Irish girl Becky Lynch always in my mind as a standard

The3-dkiller1: And it looks like we are get a really harsh criticism for that . Well, I heard that in the big cities the girls began to offer to splitt the bill, but the men mostly refused. Perhaps we are spoiled, but it has always been this way.

Mina Deminas: And not some shit like I am against nuclear Power XD

Yuki Kiu: The road rage one is funny. It makes you realize why Italian Americans are short tempered. Lol

Fili PX: When you are dating a Moroccan man.

Booknerd927: Oh yeah russian guys always pay. i'm russian and i've lived in america for a while and i never offered to pay at first, which i guess didn't make me look very good. but now i'm used to both cultures so i always offer to pay in america but never in russia hah

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Pretty Gay Boys Appithkia: Hey. Slovakia is where?

John Despo: Japanese for me but that's probably due to my weeaboo tendencies

Paula OchrГ©z: Im still waiting for the you know you are dating a korean man when.

Highice007: You live in a forest?

Kar Loz: The only thing you can get from this video is that italians guys have no idea how to speak english.

Eminemishh: Some would say not be willing to chase a woman is lazy. Others would say this is called respect

S Jcole: Please, Please, could you make a You know you're dating a Dutch woman when ?

Gosia Pajak: What about the super tacky way they dress? doesn't matter if it's ugly. just has to say gucci and cost more than they have.

Yuno Neko: Is it really like that in Iceland ?

Rick Snow: D - and the tampo silent treatment one Most foreigners especially in the West find that immature. :P LOL

Toscane Moses: So essentially pay for the first date. Or don't get another


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I grew up in a Jewish, Italian, Irish courtyard known as Sheepshead BayGravesend.

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