Hot Emo Teenster Lewis Romeo Gets Down - Hot Emo Teenster Lewis Romeo Gets Down

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Hot Emo Teenster Lewis Romeo Gets Down

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  1. i myself have also believed some of them without proof and no one should do it and ppl shouldn't get mad if we want proof

  2. This isn't a parody. I don't even know if we Brits use 'polarisation and not 'polarization'.

  3. All those people screaming I WANT PROOF , but in the same breath scream I DON'T NEED ANY PROOF THAT THEY ARE ALL LYING WH

  4. Yes, I think the 'fat shaming culture is bad, and it needs to change†but so does the obesity epidemic.

  5. i want to go back to the 90’s when there were 2 genders and people just listened to take on me

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