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Erika BEEZ: At least hire a hot model.

Joshua Jones: Brazilians like curvy girls

Iylsa Lee: And script 0/10. for the love of GOD. you guys have started to make videos just for sake of making them. before you guys focused on actual material and we liked those small details. this SUCKS!

Vivian Pinto: Do Polish woman pleaseee :D

Catarina J28: See? Anybody can be picky. No skill involved.

Yazeed Grifat: Oh wow I learned a lot of interesting facts of Constantinople

Angel Blue: Why do Brazilian flags look exactly like Russian flags

Cavin G.: As an India born and raised man I can certify this video to be quite authentic, except for the Bollywood bit. Yeah, two thirds of Indian girls you meet would be Bollywood maniacs, but not all.

Basti Liedtk: And then this Russian woman comes to America and slowly becomes an American woman. So sad.

Froth E: I'm Brazilian but I think I could be Colombian after this video hahahaha

Kyle Stewart: The no passive aggressiveness thing is bs!

Noraneko Taro: I would LOVE to see more videos with Eric from Germany or Jake (right ? from Canada they're so cuuuteeee

Sexy Boys Fucking In Shower

That's right: the "lesson" we were to nail to that "field trip" was that of erudition how the handle variety store worked, to start and "capitalize" a "pole bean company," selling "shares" to our friends.

COUB First: I love the girl in the video 3

Edi Balza: Hahahahaa! it's true!

DwNNy YNNwD: I'm sorry but French women are nothing like that.

Hope Roach: Now, this is both for you and any curious argentinian, its

Krestomantsi: Even if I was bi, I'd rather date a Russian woman. sorry guys. XD

John Martinez: Wwrrooonnnggggg! That may be your opinion but I've NEVER met somebody in Germany like this before. Why do all Americans have their crazy idea of Germany.

You Care: That Alexandra is annoying!

Fox Mulder: What`s wrong with big guys?

NINJA FLIPPY: I started shaking with fear on the jealousy part, reminded me of my ex Country Mexican GF. :s As matter of fact, the similarities were enough to make me cry in fear.crying game style.

Daniela G.: Redo the video and tell the girl to slow down this time!

Jeff Chan: The edited negev lmao

Bianca B: I saw a some Romanians before. I thought they were from India or Pakistan or Morroco or something. Some Romanians tell me those are actually gypsies or something.

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