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Part of being a Helix star is doing gorgeous photo shoots. The last shot of the day just happens to be...

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Jason Wynne: I've always been a HUGE fan of the Dominican accent. All Caribbean accents are so beautiful!

ChrisTara: I think I could go for a Turkish girl. They seem very affectionate and something about a fiery, jealous and possessive woman that's kinda hot.

Marta Humo: Legit loled so hard at the reservation line. dated one Russian seriously and was recently talking to another and it's so true

Mil Ena: This was so much fun.

Gabi Mello: Isso e ganda maia eu pessoal.ente n gosto do pt br pk n terminam as palavras e tem um sotaque um pouco amaricado e dps tb acho (n tendo a ver cm o sotaque que os brasileiros e brasileiras sao mais badalhocos que o povo portugues e isso ve se pelas musicas porcas e seus video clipes!

Astrolys: Lived in athens one year, greek women are so beautiful

Paul Norton: When are we gonna stop the fact that greeks and turks are hate each other ? If we continue to say this phenomenon, we can not achive anything .Shouting our mouths maybe the solution. Peace, That's all we need.

Don Stoyva: I dont think its spanish its probably south american, well done.

Linor S.: I didn't know that I'm like an English :v I'm like that

Matheus Souza: I personally liked Venezuela

Claire Bear: Wow! Not true!

Wagner027: Poor german milf, so easy to manipulate.

ThaГ­s Rocha: Dont date French filles ! Date Italian ragazze ! =)

Alyona Khoba: Portugal the best country


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