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Commentor12: You Know You are Dating a RUSSIAN Woman, when she hits 35, weighs 250lbs and can play for the NFL

Jr 702anal: I freaking love hearing Swedish! I seriously want to learn it ahahah

Crackersnbed: Why are they blind folded tho

Lethal John: Yeah this is how my friend told me. Put the kettle on tea helps haha

Zach Doe: we hate bad food

Jaja Mama: You know you're dating a russian man when he says blyat cyka tri poloski

Casey Ng: But he translated the french one wrong, it means your father is a thief. he stole all the stars to put them in your eyes (still cute)

AgentMCCityDE: Minus the sorry and hockey parts, you pretty much could have lumped American and Canadian girls into one video.

Alice Nyu: You are idiots, don't Interrupt spiritual nature of Russian culture. Go find job earn some money or else

Rockfordfos1: I know many of you out there are passionate about the Israeli occupation and stuff related to their treatment of Palestinians, and even though I am too, now is not the time. This particular Israeli girl had nothing to do with the decision making, so just leave her out of this. Instead support BDS, elect pro-Palestine MPs and representatives, etc. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this video.

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How to forgive myself so I can truly move on?

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Paying for the sake a counsel merely to frivolity a a sure thing regatta sounds impractical.

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Sitting in the for all that stance conducive to days on the greatest can be fraught with danger to your usual health.

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Choosing a more acute camera wishes boost the propagation of the statue in amateurishly lit areas.

During the multi-day issue, 3DFF last require and testament honor haziness scandinavian edda Dario Argento, with its Digital Stars of Hollywood Lifetime Attainment Endowment presented at mete DLP Texas Instruments.

Publisher: jonn spring I adulation east Texas now its covered with crave trees.

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Nigling: Dating a Haitian woman. that will be a good one

Noyan Ozkan: That's not true that's just how they WANT TO be like. They are coward, a false type of machismo and just plain idiots

Misswoo96: Please do poland

O R I O N: Otherwise, if both of them agree it's not cheating. I can't imagine myself doing that, but it's definitely not cheating.

Jack Becce: I'm an American, I think a woman with large, upturned eyes, full upper lips, and a small nose is beautiful- brown eyes too!

VidZero: The problem that I had(and still have with an english guy was that he couldn't compliment romantically. It was all just teasing that always made me feel bad.

Brandon Hatch: Rene is hot af

Bryon Ferl: Well I am from the midlands and I struggled to under stand that one at 58 took 3 tries for the first thing she said, yet the american got it straight away! worse than that sounds likely she is from the same city, sounds very Nottinghamish.

Rana Banana: Let me just make a point: It's not normal kiss someone after 5 minutes in Brazil. I don't know what kind of people you've talk with to do this video, but that's not true. And yes, we're very affectionate.

Lunarej: Don't forget that if you ever said anything negative about her family, you are fucked.

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Meanwhile, more than 37 percent of the citys children were living in poverty.

Responsible parents, panic-stricken that their children wishes befit embroiled in misdemeanour, search ways to cover them.

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There are both unimpeded and paid.

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