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Wtf is the problem?!?!

I think what OP is meaning to say is that guys are more visual in the sense that the woman and the act of sex really get them turned on, whereas for girls its more just the act.

Jan 6, Jan 25, I think its why a lot of girls also like lesbian porn, but probably not 2 dudes. Sertith , Jan 5, Elizabeth hookup

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Danizeppelin: Gabriel from Canada is hot

Hello Yellow: Costa Rican

Player L2: Men in Brazil cheat to prove their masculinity to their friends and women when they cheat is to get back at the men who did it to them or if they are not satisfied with their guy for not pleasuring them or treating them like they should. That's the real reason

Elmer Maraon: As a german i really like beer

Becky15707: Pretty much everything can be fixed with food. I can relate!

Thyagoresende: Hey all let's all watch until the end when I make a point to say . wait for it. I couldn't get all the countries represented. Even the ones I did find came with a LOT of work as this is filmed in Toronto. Clearly people are under the illusion that there is a lot of budget for these videos and that I'm able to fly anywhere I want at the snap of my fingers . yes.

Greatdreams: I'm from Czech btw, glad to be born and live in Europe xD

Ganda Sliopas: She's average by American standards

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  1. FALSE FEMINIST ACCUSATIONS (a response to lacigreen's FALSE RAPE ACCUSATIONS? Bennehh

  2. denying women are judged more harshly for their appearance is NOT misogynistic. BTW, i deny it because its not true

  3. I thought you said acne medication was your relationship deal breaker, not bad communication . I was like, wait, what?

  4. And another thing, men on the whole quite like being viewed sexually, taking it as a compliment.

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