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How does one suppress their feelings for someone?

What makes a woman wife material to a man?

How do i know if he likes me more than just a friend?

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Marek Matas: Stay fit (it doesn't mean go to the gym, just have a normal body)

Araworn: As a Ukrainian woman I confirm this is exaggerated but true. :)

Dinna Negra: Hahahaahah this is so true! Proud Filipino here lol

Marto :3: It would be cool to see one about UK men too!

Gina GuГџmann: When.you just meet a Filipino family and they apprehend and escort you to the table for some chicken adobo (true story)

William Kane: I like the concept ! I had a good laugh ! But French was not well pronounced though .

Sara Rollins: Ukrainian for sure ! :)

Caliente G&m: E ISSO MESMO!

William: Brazilian Women PLSSSSSS

Mimmy Z: German, blindfolded or not. Professional and powerful at the same time. 50 shades of german.

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A half-an-hour west of Grants Pass, in Granny's Pants, lives a community of giraffes.

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