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Ok, so this story is inspired by some real events when I worked at a summer camp in college. So, two weeks...

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Amelia Evans: I wish I knew some Greeks; they sound cool. I do have a question. How can you tell if a Greek is really furious at you, or if (s)he is just being Greek? I'm English Canadian, so I and my family don't really yell at people. We do force food on our dinner guests. :)

Vanesza: I was bitch yaaaasss when he was reciting my song from trini


Saint Rowley: Anglosaxons are so ignorant

Don Amir: I was on this international group on whatsapp and they were all friendly and that until I suddenly started to receive private messages from Indian men on the group, they werent 2, nor They were MANY, I was like wtf, they were so straightforward and thought because I was talking to them I wanted something serious like whaaat ?

Bizmo Bapron: Join us next time on Americans don't understand Scottish people

  • Im a single gay dude living in Texas and I have a fetish for all...
  • men bulge — White Briefs Bulge
  • Dig real guys in tighty whities and briefs. Takes a true man to fill them...
  • Men in briefs, jocks, panties, and embarrassing situations.

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Laura Sopalca: Nigerian accents are so interesting. I'm 1/3 Nigerian. I can do the accent, but it's not how I really speak.

Salamegkos: Know you are dating an Australian man when.PLEASE!

Monika Negron: Que pasa canelo

Houna Mao: Pays no bills

Loup DeFer: Only thing is speaking overacting!

Romana W: The party of my mexican cousin finish at the next day

A kid named Matt was especially into pranking him. His hands released as he went into a deep belly roll of laughter, slapping his legs. We had sorta figured out what kinds of peer-pressure B would give into. On day 4, the guy counselors got the lake to ourselves for the whole day to work on water safety. Cesar relented his pursuit, but then stopped to look around. Shirts off and yell like Tarzan when you blob. Memphis hookup

That would set the stage for some more things that happened with B later, but this was the beginning of all that. Suddenly, a cock and hefty balls bounce into view, floating almost gracefully in the current as the man paddles to stay afloat.

It involves prank uses of social media. Half of us knew B from when we went to the camp ourselves as campers. Cesar looked down through the clear water to see a cluster of fabric floating near him, but not quite on him.

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