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Horny Cops In Public

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Newbie Yamaha: Great video! Could u do a YKYD a woman/man from Uruguay?

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Pavel Mourek: None of these guys know , how to read a story !

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MГіon F: Very good video ! Please, can you do one about dating sudanese guy ? Because I date a sudanese guy and there is many things to say about it haha. Agathe from France.

Reilly London: The Netherlands: you pay for what you eat. You have to pay 20 cents more, because you had a salad! This is no joke

PcGamer Sam: You should do one on dating a Mexican woman

Aitor PG: Every one of these videos makes me not want to date someone from a country haha. Do these videos only show the negative aspects or am I just not very open-minded?

Victorski: My husband is an American just like me, he was born and raised in Florida and he still has most of this qualities. He is in fact German and Irish. :P I think the similarity is so funny.

Navsegda: You know you are dating an israeli (or any jewish woman, when she has taken your house, all your other assets and has cleaned out your bank/savings account AND she does not tell you how many Palestinian civilians she murdered when she was an idf terrorist.

Chia Ra: Funny to see this video im not that direct, if someone would ask my name i would be thinking like 'what business is that to you?'

Thor Odinson: You know you are dating a German woman when you have to throw acid in her face because she wants to be your equal.



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