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Anahssi Matko: Wtf was this?

Awsmmemi: Ummm where is the Macedonian language?

Paco Beast: Like I'm a vegan and it sucks they say I'm a Brahmin doesn't matter if you live in England , c'mon mom btw love my mom

Emilia Diez: Typical russian men, actually. I recognized myself here to be honest, but I'm not drinking(not drinking russian, hilarious). And i like to cook myself. Good job DBB:)

Strange Voice: I expected IRISH Woman to be redhead

Jake Smith: I wouldn't survive without a drink

Martin L: So choose curvy women in sexy outfit or skinny women wearing jeans and sweater. Really?

Yolanda Hill: Other times, not so much.sigh.all the fucking time.

Rupesh Tiwari: So when is dating an american woman coming out?

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However, just a fistful of vendors desire away the cut.

Silke K: Word Gold-digger comes to my mind when i think about europe in general rofl

Amber Crowe: Isso vai dar uma treta.

Aryanaaa: How about a Japanese woman ?

Stryfetc1: Sou de porto

Dalebraxtoni: The guy who came in at 14 was super attractive i cant

British Tiger: Girl was good

Artful Dodger: That's not the Brazil's flag '-'

Josh Gerson: Ce tare a fooost ! : i want to make some mamaliga. with malai =))

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