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Leukemia to be exact, and she doesn't have time to waste on a date with a stud god. Well, I must say I do have a weird rash all over my body right now, but I guess that's a side-effect of level 10 sugar shock poisoning the deadliest kind.

You have got to be kidding me. Once she accepts him, she gains more strength and courage. And then as your walking through the grocery store you make your 17 old daughter listen to you go on and on about how he's a vampire and she's a human and what will happen to him when she dies because she's a mortal.

Who knew that a womanizing warrior like Rhage could love someone like Mary.

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Love Eternal

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What's holding him back? does he like me or .... ?

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Signboard in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Precisely in time for Thanksgiving, we stuffed our dear movie and TV turkey moments into one handily digestible trailer. An investigation of masculinity and intensity. A story of fixation and revenge, as a man tries to recover consciousness to terms with a brutal, random attack and its consequences. Joe, in the midst of dropping out of college and coming out as gay, decides to record the everyday activities of his life on a handheld mini-video and post the clips to the net.

A satire on the relationship between fame and integrity in the lifeblood of eccentric characters exploring the "art" of making noise using trash and everyday objects. Two scientists are selected to trek across the universe to the source of a distant transmission and developing life. A gay Brit living in New York is deprived of his immigration status, and risks losing his family and life in the U. He marries his lesbian best friend to corpse in the country and stay It's Ed and Sarah's first night at their new home - an isolated farmhouse on the Scottish borders.

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  • Publisher: Steave Petrov PHP Forms is single of the highest hip scripts in behalf of pile and processing...

  • An isolated and death-fixated young man tries to make sense of...
  • Lover Eternal has ratings and reviews. Beth Eff said: Crack. Crack laced with rat poison. That's what this...
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  1. Your story is really interesting. Nice to see that people can actually find something to do with their life that make them happy.

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When Ian Harding's mother dies, he is left all alone in the world at the age of Unable to understand basic human emotions, he takes...