Passionate Guys Romping On A Bed - Passionate Guys Romping On A Bed

BaZZuka , 3 years ago. Hardcore girl on girl action as gorgeous lesbians caress their smooth soft bodies all over...

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Am I overthinking this?

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One Boi: What about Slovenia and Bosnia?

Grace Lee: I wish you could do Turkish, Australian, New Zealand, Pakistani, El Salvadoran (Guanaco), Costa Rican (Tico), Peruvian, Filipino, Paraguayan or Uruguayan men. This is not a request just getting my thoughts out.

Elena Paiuc: Persian girls are naturally beautiful! they don't need all those cosmetics, tans and shit! BTW Im not a Persian! but I know a few Persian girls who are pretty and cool! hehe

Rohini M: Mahal kita kusto ko kantut

Ethan Davis: If you meet someone from zeeland (zeeuw you would be ordering and paying for your own beer. They are stingy as fuck.

Alan Rubi: And you didnt hear Slovakian yet :D

Classique: Easiest one was the Pakistan one . I laughed when he said aap ka number kia hai?

Alecs__ YT: I love that U.K. guy

Anchor Rope: Si tu culo fuera un barco xd.

Brellow: When she's hairier than you

Carina Lopes: So. Where is the best accent (Mexico)? C'mon, but the Colombian accent is good too, also this guys talk right because most of the South American people are not able to pronounce the letter S

Dargamar: TFW your request is mentioned. sorry for being annoying :)

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MyrtleP: WE THE BEST (no dj khaled)

Norah Nora: I'm Yorkshire so I guess I better go back to the 18th century

Prince Sagar: Dating Lithuanians, please! :D

Alejogeovanny: A woman never pays on a date

Lee Turnbull: All true. especially the food thing. hahaha.

HarleQuin: Shit, you've interviewed the dumbest guys in all Spain (Spanish here)

Zoro 7891: I want to learn to speak like them

Selina To: Wow, I must be more German than I thought

Deandra: This is so true! Haha they talk a lot and they are sweet talker.

Noel Magalona: Any French speaker who can help me with some sentences for my video?

Lara Malik: Bs. if anyone knows how to deal with a man being a momma's boy its an Italian women

Jean Raphael: Where do I find one of these Brazilian men from?

This is a not seriously poke fun at loads, challenging Munni and Shiela.

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  1. I totally agree women should be treated with respect not dishonor we may not be equal to men but were just as important!

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