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Sexy Teenster Robbie Gets Analed

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Liia_117 X: Do we really do that?

Squigglewacks: In Argentina always always boys pay, except he is your boyfriend and you can talk about it haja

RiomAR WELCH: Portuguese? Brazilian-Portuguese? That sounds Chinese to me! You can't say that it is Portuguese, that's not!

Cladglas: Netfrix and chirr.

White Finland: Haha omg so much of this is true! they forgot italian men always want to be holding your hand, hugging you and are needy af!

John Acosta: Do the video dating with Albanian man

Groverenco: When you are into kpop and you are like: THAT IS KOREAN I TELL YOU HIW CAN YOU NOT KNOW lol

Tripsda9l: Omg the Spanish guy! Soy Latina pero something with the Spain accent.i don't know ahhh I love it!

IMarkovic1995: Kazakh women pleeeease! :)

Adrianna: The problem here is that you caught many drunk interviewees. And only in Bairro Alto Lisbon :p

Renato Tapia: Edit: Seriously are ppl her commenting too dumb to understand my point? I never said anything regarding the situation in middle east or that I think it's right or wrong what's ,israel or jews do. What I'm saying is that *political comments regarding this issue should be under videos that are about such topics and not under every unrelated video*. It's really not that hard to understand.

Human Bean: I've been sceptical about clicking these videos, because as a rule I tend not to like stereotyping people. Now I clicked this because I am German, so I figured I could see how accurate the video is. Now of course I can only speak from my experience how I personally act and how other Germans I know do.

El Padrino: I'm American but I act exactly like the Dutch. So much more my style . . .

Oh Honey: Only de mexican indias and in mexico nat hir in us

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Uranova: Brazil is fucking awasome

Rob Bleeker: Israel girls kind of reminds of of Latina girls

Ariel Love: Funny but this is not reality, sorry.

Miss Friday: From all the nationalities that are introduced here, I think they will have the hardest time to get a guy that is not Danish. Please can someone tell me something fascinating about Danish woman? I mean something that will keep a guy longer than for one night. because they are just like guys with boobs. I just waited for her to burp and scratching her Ass crack

Sladja L: Portuguese women Reserved and conservative

Ksenya Рњoru: Don't forget England

Mariana Sousa: About 90 of Italian-Finnish couples seem to consist of an Italian man and a Finnish woman, I wonder what's the ratio in other countries ?

Alexandra AV: So danish women are arrogant smug dictatorial sluts?

MaraJade626: Wow she has hot boobs. Damn! I would marry a white girl like that any day. I will drink her milk from those big boobs when she have it

Pussy Slayer: Gotta stay away from Finnish girls.

Itsme7679: I just thought at the beginning: please leave her alone! Dont disturb her while she is on the phone. How impolite! Besides i heard about indian families not accepting other nationalities as partners for their children. If white people would act that way, we would be immediately proclaimed racists. Mainly by white people. Fine.

Kylee Munn: Do one for Chinese man ! LOL



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