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Shlomting V: You know youre dating a nigerian man when he has no car but gaudy overdressed outfit.

Rashani 93: Polish doesn't sound like polish lol

Rui Marques: I nearly got married to a danish lady. This is so true EQUAL. I was cool with that. DON'T assume what she wants doesn't want. SHE WILL TELL YOU. They like intelligence, knowledge, INFORMED discussion. If you look like shit today, they will tell you you look like shit today.

Eka Guledani: Because Chinese or Asian love pale skins. The paler it is, the better it is. That's why they always gear up in summer. And I really don't think carrying women's bag is a issue. So when I see that, I was kinda couldn't believe that.

Laura Reis: Met several Scandinavian women out there and they accused me of being too strong and old-fashioned.

Nikan Hariri: I'm arab it's funny but it's sad in the same time woman are not for sell this not humain and by the why i'm man

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DudeManBro: Americans can be major idiots at knowing about the rest of the world.

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Joan Egan: The Video is nice but for the egyptian Part the guy's accent was Khaleeji and not Egyptian and they are totally different

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Rui Santos: For real stop with the fucking stereotypes about chinese girls. I love y'all my girls

EGE Г‡INAR: The girl who owns the Hostel is a very pretty girl and I like how she speaks English but god I hate tattoos on a woman and before anyone says anything I don't have any tattoos and won't ever get anyI mean if a woman has a small tattoo that is not really easy to see on her body I can accept that but not her arm like that man

Groovy Fuck: C'mon people. Being asked for your opinion on the physical attractiveness based on a photo, it's no way superficial to actually have an opinion :D

GameBong: Gay men only?

Haa See: Soy mexicana y no es vdd todo eso (en mi opinion y gustos), no me gusta ser del monton y me caga que etiqueten a la gente. prefiero hacer lo que yo considero correcto y me hace feliz, y no lo que la mayoria elige.

Thami Tenshi: Wouldnt say this is 1 true

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Chung David: Thanks for the heads up. I'll stay on the continent.

Relax1997: Since feminism has ruined the west, its too late for any kind of discussion or debate.

Julius Cesar: When you're not Russian, but people mistake you for one and you have the same ideals. Not complaining, Russian girls are beautiful but im Mexican haha even if Im pale af, tall and have green eyes

Dani Kim: I'm french, and it kinda works for a girl too. My American boyfriend know how important food and wine is for me, hahahaha.

Etty Virula: I was going to say that I was French inside until the underweight part haha. Anyways, beautiful to me is connected with how I feel about the person, mostly :)

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Luis Rangel: Everything in this video is wrong.

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