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B lack queer people have anything but an unfair advantage in the world. A recent study conducted by Princeton sociologist David Pedulla...

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Would you ever have a relationship with someone outside your race?

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Pesi Belau: Americans love to pick fights with people on the streets. Girl be like OMG, do you see this girl down the street? what is her shoe? OMG I'm serious. That happened to me and to people around me more than once basically everytime I'm out of the country

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In Florida, on the verge of half of the handy low-income students - 90,000 - were turned away definitive year.

  • School districts crossed the four-county area arent sensibility the tax of the status budget stand-off -- at least as a...

  • A trailer for the episode warned viewers, “It's a shocker. . Black men in these...
  • It was included in a "confidential" memo to ambassador resources serve Paul Rochon.

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  1. jonnnyyb3 i know because i am and i can tell you that i honestly don't want a relationship, i'm not in denial i just don't.

  2. lol attention whore. stfu. show me paper that says you really have depression then i MIGHT believe you.

  3. Can anyone imagine any man standing up at the UN and demanding that women should step up and start supporting men? Not a chance.

  4. lacigreenВ Also I would totally love it if you wrote a book with all of your beliefs, ideas etc in it, I'd definitely read it!

  5. The National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood (No Ma'am laughs at this dunce. Seize the hooters!


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