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Homophobia in ethnic minority communities refers to any negative prejudice or form of discrimination within the ethnic minority communities worldwide towards people who identify as — or are perceived as being — lesbian , gay , bisexual or transgender LGBT , [1] [2] [3] known as homophobia. This may be expressed as antipathy , contempt , prejudice , aversion, hatred , irrational fear , and is sometimes related to religious beliefs.

Many LGBT ethnic minority persons rely on members of their ethnic group for support in terms of racial matters. However, within these communities, homophobia and transphobia often exists within the context of ethnocultural norms on gender and sexual orientation, with one American researcher claiming that "a common fallacy within communities of color is that gay men or lesbians are perceived as 'defective' men or women who want to be a member of the opposite gender".

Homophobia within ethnic minority communities creates a double bind to those it impacts. This discrimination creates the need for a supportive community to undo the psychological damage of discrimination. Attitudes towards a person's sexual orientation vary throughout the United States, and the social and cultural mores surrounding sexuality have a large sociological impact on how individuals behave, especially with regard to the family unit.

Many ethnic minority families in the United States do not feel comfortable discussing matters of sexuality, and disclosure of one's sexual orientation or identity often presents challenges, and many feel that their coming out process may force them to be loyal to one community over another. She developed the framework for intersectionality , it posits the idea that people are not wholly defined a singular identity, but that the ways in which their identities interact with each other and create specific experiences related to multiple intersecting identities is a better way of examining individuals and the discrimination they may deal with.

This also draws upon W. In his work he specifically refers to the fragmented understanding of self that comes with being a black American, however, it is applicable to understanding LGB members in racial and ethnic minority groups. In this sense, their multiple identities cause a fragmentation, in which they not only observe themselves as queer individuals but also as racial and ethnic minorities in an American culture.

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Louis, United States, North America. Public Opinion Quarterly, 67 1 , College English, 65 1 , Manchester Pride August 24 - January Seattle Pride June Denver PrideFest Member June 16 - Memphis, United States, North America.

Philadelphia Black Pride Member April 26 - Bill Hayes came to New York City in with a o It has to mess with the way you live. Long Island Pride June 08 - Retrieved November 24, Out in the Academy: This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards.

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Uk black gay

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This list of notable LGBT YouTubers includes YouTubers who publicly identify as lesbian, gay, Doug Armstrong, British, Gay, Epiphanized, Doug's Life .. Hall, who is...