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SjimmyDJ: Way too soft : we are more choleric and scream a lot :))

Zenah Daa: You know you're dating an Israeli woman when she moves into your house and claims it as her own before kicking you out.

Nicholas Lane: Haha, thats great, I am actually a czech girl and on top of that I date dutch guy xD gonna ask him if he thinks that its true :D

Jim Troy: You need to do a French girl version.

Denise M: This is sooooooooooo true lol

KreeZafi: Why did the polish girl talked with none of real polish accent? She did just talked like someone who was born in english-speaking country and just learned how to speak polish.

Rich Patraw: I want a Ruassian girlfriend! For me they are like Latinas but in white!

Beca Coello: Mhm well we are trying hard to change gender roles here, so I would say that the majority of young colombian women would accept and even give the idea of paying had and half.

Ruth Blindu: There is so much wrong in thuis video, and yes i've got a dutch boyfriend

Emma Walker: First the English women, then the Danish women and now the Canadian women are horrible.

David Jr: I don't know about you, but I didn't need the subtitles xD

Diegooo Cruz: Please do a Romanian boy/girl.

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The just impediment of the open of onset solutions is the advertisements that breathe but a two of commercials now and then thirty minutes or so only appears approximative a considerable onerousness for the duration of cost-free viewing.

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  1. So your personality is much more enjoyable than MOST TV reality people I've seen! I'm surprised no one has offered you a show.В

  2. You hit so many great points and gave great suggestions. Thanks for the vid, Laci! It helps a lot!

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