Brock Goes Back To The Beach - Brock goes back to the beach

Beauty and The Beach Japanese: After finally escaping the deserted island, our heroes arrive in Acapulco , the world's greatest resort. They begin their vacation on endless beautiful beaches...

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This causes the crowd to leave Moe's restaurant for Brutella's, and Ash apologizes. As a result, Team Rocket is employed to interfere. Meanwhile, Brutella tells Jessie and James that she knows they are Team Rocket members and that she has fixed their submarine.

He also recommends that Misty enter to win some prize money that can be used to help out Moe. Gary grabs the microphone from Brock and insults Ash, who jumps out of his seat and heads for the stage. Later, it is revealed that both Moe and Brutella are restaurateurs and rivals. Wasting no time, Ash, Brock , and Pikachu change into swimsuits and jump into the ocean.

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Brock Goes Back To The Beach

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  • My surf buddy Brock Cooper loves jerking off on the beach....
  • Brock goes back to the beach free. Brock Cooper Beach Solo. 7 min...

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