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Stacy Chen: Hani is beautiful

Oliver Gomez: That girl can't speak Polish

PAUL 3000: Sexiest Nordic Language

Riyo Sitompul: Came to comment section to see how many people cursing the Jews

Mooncalf: I love the language Greek. I think it sounds so beautiful. [Coming from an Italian.]

J Montgomery: How about finland woman

Jacob Baez: Where are some good countries/places for Canadian to go abroad with one of the goals of meeting people?

Miyuk9p: I like the Trinidad accent

S1807001: Israeli girls are lovely, bolshy fun and full of life! great mix of confident and direct yet feminine.

Neilhibird: I was like please have persian, please have Persian didn't happen! I just like to know how people feel about my mother tongue

Chavdar Zakev: Being a Taiwanese, I think that Chinese guy's songs was beautiful, and the Japanese song was quite cute :)

Ahura-mazda: Germans r refreshing

Maryann Lim: Other than that you'll have yourself a genuinely stable, intelligent (Most the time lady.

Vassili: This is hilarious :D

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Naughty Twinks Trio Fuckfest In The Bedroom

In my sect of 570, I circulated 15,000 books that year.

NataschaO: I'm really glad that a lot of people are saying either Croatian or Serbian, really goes to show how beautiful the language is (no matter it's name)

Thomas Rooney: Especially Ukraine bitches there even worse man.

Sukadondoshet: Nice video. he asked the chick.does it work? typical.i needed a laugh!

Strega Aura: That fellow asian guy says privet like pervert haha

Cathy Danther: In my country Somalia, women with a lot of hair on their head, eye brows and arms (yes arms :p are found beautiful, although i think this preference may fade soon. I found it interesting when I first heard in many other countries women with no body hair were preferred. Culture can be very interesting.

Jimmythesaint: When she kills innocent palenstinians

Leviathan: So umm, where can I order one very handsome brazilian boyfriend?

Addie Musrep: How much did they pay her to say that?

John Bill: Turkish woman please

J Garza: I covered the bottom to see how many I guessed. It was all but one or two. The spanish one was too specific

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