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Vamp Twink Drills His Cock In Moral Ass Maria C: I'm not so sure about the Bollywood bit but the rest so embarassingly accurate. Bahaha!

Aaron A: The worst thing is that I only feel identified with just a few and I'm venezuelan

Rebel&Conquer: Do You know you are dating a Finnish man. or dating a Nordic man.

Rok Sraka: Did yall do someone from The Netherlands yet ?

Fiveaeonspast: Omg ik all what she says and my mom does all that

Steve Back: Stereo types hahahhaha so funny

Adr Cue: Not bad video Marina! Italian men have a different way to get women over there! Beblssima! Congratulationzione!

Jose B.: Venezuela! Hands Down!

Lo Ui Se: Workholics selfish bitches.

Udit Raizada: Dayting a Finnish Women ?

I had the game of staying up there with my brothers on a unite of days and it was the bomb.

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