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Crissy Cernat: They put salad on Pizza here. It's a damn shame.

Duarte Santos: Portuguese from Portugal is more. Formal and Brazilian portuguese has more slangs.

Party With Me: Why are so many Spaniards among the commenters?


Trisha Dugay: All these facts are completely the opposite

Leeydia Lau: THESE ARE LITERALLY ALL TRUE. Every last one of them! My best friend is Venezuelan this is him his mom exactly. Also apparently I need to find me a Venezuelan man now hahaha

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Justin Waters: Well i didnt knew i was an irish woman

Helin Yagmur: Cool one, well done!

Sebastian6132: It really is most true At least for Russian and Ukrainians But would be fun to see compare between those today)

Highice007: Qmd ter um fdssss

KostyaT: Wee can I meet a Russian woman?

ESD TUBE: Good, it is so accurate

HonkiNoShika: I love the Colombian accent on girl it's sexy af.

BigBossMSF: Brb moving to france

MovingForward: You should do a video of dating a Russian man!

Alvaro Rangel: Indian men get so much hate in some dating groups it's weird. And these aren't necessarily white or racist groups.

Bee Urbina: This brought such a knowing smile to my face. I am currently in a distance relationship with a woman from Minsk, Belarus and this is all so true.

Damian Ochoa: Why does the guy look so sullen?

Derp Trollson: I adore Indian women.

Xprincessx2: That a Peru flag in the background? 05

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British Lucas Spitroasted Hard In Bar

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