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Darious' crazy night, and what a night! After months of chasing Beefcake Darious I finally got his call back, and it couldn't be at a better timing, because I was very close to his town. I am so glad that I was able to shoot with him again because this hottie has been through rough times. After losing his job, he got into a motorcycle accident, that is why you see many scars on his legs and arms, poor thing! You may be surprised at how different Beefcake Darious acted this time. We all remember that in our first video he seemed more reserved and quiet, but the truth is; when he contacted me to do this scene, he thought that it may be better for him, that we share a couple of drinks right before the shooting.

Something that I agreed to, even though I don't like to drink before or while shooting, but I was willing to make an exception We are talking about Beautiful green eyes Boricua, Beefcake Darious!

What I wasn't expecting was, that he came to the hotel already a little tipsy, which is the reason why the shooting didn't go quite the way I had planned. It became interesting, not boring at all, and it became Darious' crazy night. Yeah, he got into talking dirty with me, directing the scenes, snapping me, and making unexpected breaks.

This is going fast, I just need to cath up WTF?

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You may be surprised at how different Beefcake Darious acted this time. Beautiful green eyes Colombian. Hopefully, there will be some other anal scene but greater amount serious this time, or not, maybe this is just the way things work with Beefcake Darious.

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