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Some comments in another thread made me want to post this…someone talked about a guy who gets super hard right before cumming. What's a hot thing a...

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I know this is an old thread but did everyone miss R37's post? He really lost control.

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Gorgeous Guys Cumming Hard

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  • Handsome Guy With Huge Dick Cumming - rasdstate.info
Myro Selden: Why would'nt she know about Hockey? Hockey is huge in Russia.

BryamBR: I know many of you out there are passionate about the Israeli occupation and stuff related to their treatment of Palestinians, and even though I am too, now is not the time. This particular Israeli girl had nothing to do with the decision making, so just leave her out of this. Instead support BDS, elect pro-Palestine MPs and representatives, etc. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this video.

Anna Ch: Or maybe it's just because home cooking overall is a dying art.

Alain Bruno: She completely butchered it lol

Amal Elavally: But does he command a horde of angry elephants?

Puddylump41: Hat bout to date a german man ? it would interesting for me to see lol

Nur Adriana: I am Polish but according to video I should have at least German roots haha :)

Sophia Elric: You should do one for horoscope dating.

Larry Summers: I guessed 6 xD

M Mohan: Can u do a belgian one?

Chinko 69: It was suprisingly good especially the tayto sandwhich bit

Lian Buchbut: Julie is absolutely gorgeous!

Federica Mogherinis reiteration of the fair to toss one's hat in the ring over the extent of BDS in the EU was ponderous and welcome.

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