Teen Bbc - Teen Awards: Liam Payne and Mabel's advice to young fans

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How Iceland Saved Its Teenagers - BBC News - Texting Dating Sites

If you want to learn English in your own country, find a face-to-face course near you. A teenager suffering a severe reaction to ecstasy was left to die in a tent by three adults who were not in a "fit state" to supervise him, an inquest heard. Siena, 16, works to support students with autism and learning disabilities and Junior, 14, is a UK freestyle dance champion who campaigns against bullying. Why you can trust BBC News. How is science and technology changing the way that music is being created and played?

You can also interact with other teenagers from all around the world.

These are external links and will open in a new window.
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Lara Marcos: Cue: They do make a lot of coffee answer: .Honestly I don't drink coffee, so.

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How Iceland Saved Its Teenagers - BBC News - Gay Sex & Love!

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The BBC's supernatural series is set to target a generation who prefer to stream their entertainment. The stars reflected on their teens and have some advice for their fans.