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The human body is a remarkable machine and even after thousands of years of study, we continue to learn more about...

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Gaming Hipi: She is a k*rd.

DRS Portugal: I am going to have a cruise in Sweden, Finland and Russia in July.

Claudia G.: I have dated numerous German women, and am a Brit/Greek, about to move to Germany. I watched this video to be informed but found it to be full of hopelessly outdated stereotypes. Which itself goes to reinforced the negative stereotype of Americans as ethno-centric, ignorant people. Not saying they are like that, just saying videos like this don't help. I'm sure many Americans know/will discover much more than what you see in this video.

User2kffs: You fucked up Polish, she doesn't even have a clear Polish accent.

Axel Sunden: French girls are much ugly than this girl.

Bruno Ramos: Why is The Chilian accent to bad ? Compared to the others it sounds like crap XD no offense though. (I'm from Chile btw so I'm insulting my own country)

Moto Gee: That is not mamaliga btw

Tania John: Yay two of them liked Australian, as an Australian girl I feel good about that lol. I knew someone would mistake it for British though.

Emi Boo: Getting tanned hell yeah. and expect outdoor screens with no roof.

Adalys Torres: I think I'm kind of weird because I hate splitting bills. A split bill is a sign to me that it is not a date. I like to pay for the first date, but if he pays, I pay the next time. Maybe because I'm a woman, I hate when I offer to pay and a guy wants to split it? Servers in Korea also generally hate doing it, so maybe that's why?

Dude Gets Deep Internal Massage
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Screen hand down automatically scourge to scene to spot the map expanded.

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